At Victory Lube, we offer a full range of services for your vehicle’s tires.

Our services include tire repair, tire installation and rotation, and seasonal tire changes. We are also your source for tire and rim sales.


Tire Repair

Whether your tires have been damaged by a curb or you have run over a sharp object such as a nail, it is often possible to repair your tires rather than having to replace them entirely. Our technicians will thoroughly evaluate your tires to determine whether this is possible, factoring in things like air pressure, tread depth, and uneven wear.

If your tires can be fixed, we can get them repaired quickly and have you on your way.

Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation will help you get the maximum lifespan out of your vehicle’s tires and help keep you safe on the road. Not only that, but regular rotations can help boost your car’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Tire Balancing

To maximize the performance and life span of your tires, Victory Lube recommends regular tire balancing. With properly balanced tires, you will experience a more comfortable ride, save money and better ensure the safety of you and your family.

Tire Sales

Do your tires have adequate tread depth? At Victory Lube, we carry a wide variety of tire options. So, regardless of your driving habits, vehicle or budget; we can ensure you receive the tire sales options that best fit your needs.

Seasonal Tire Changes

Despite what their name may suggest, “all season” tires are really not the best for Canadian winters. Once the temperatures begin to drop, the rubber in these tires becomes harder, and you can lose traction making it less safe to drive.

Winter tires have deeper treads which makes them better for driving on ice and snow. But more than that, they are made from a softer rubber, so they perform better in cold weather even if the roads are dry.

Why get your tire services with Victory Lube?

At Victory Lube, we perform a full range of services for your car’s tires. And our certified technicians always perform these services with skill and care, so you’ll never have to worry about voiding your vehicle’s warranty.

Additionally, you can bring your car to us confident in the knowledge that you’ll get superior customer service and competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time to put on your winter tires is when the temperatures are consistently below seven degrees C. In Ontario (including our current locations in Sudbury, Midland, Val Caron and Sault St. Marie), this is typically mid to late November.

For the average Canadian who drives approximately 25,000 km per year, including about four months with winter tires, their winter tires should last four or five seasons. Obviously, however, there are other factors that can affect this.

For example, driving on winter tires for too long in warmer weather will shorten their lifespan since the same soft rubber that makes them superior for driving in the winter will degrade much more quickly when the temperatures rise.

According to Car Care Canada, most vehicles should have their tires rotated every 10,000 km or during every other oil change.